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They are already using it:

  • Région Centre Val-de-Loire
  • Tours Métropole Val de Loire
  • Ville de Tours
  • Communauté d'Agglomération de Grand Paris Sud
  • Communauté d'Agglomération de Châteauroux Métropole
  • EPT Paris Est Marne & Bois
  • SMICTOM Alsace Centrale
  • Le Pré Saint-Gervais
  • Dreux
  • Orléans Métropole
  • Grand Paris Seine Ouest
  • Sictom du Mont de Marsan
  • Communauté d'Agglomération de Saumur Val de Loire
  • Kyrielle - Agglopropreté
  • Communauté urbaine du Grand Poitiers

How does it work ?


Your skills, our solutions

  • Waste Management and Environnement

    Manage waste collection, volountary waste drop-offs and rubbish dump information

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  • Local life and Tourism

    Improve the city center and the territory's attractiveness, show tourist attractions and events

  • Projects and Public Works

    360° Information: project news, impact on traffic, facilities access modifications, new openings

  • Education

    Management of education facilities, listings of trainings, counselling

  • Housing

    Present housing offerings: new constructions, students housing, retirement houses, renting and buying offers

  • Economic Development and Attractiveness

    Development of the territory economic attractiveness and showcase of local companies

  • Youth

    Deliver news and events targeted to young people, sports activities, cafeteria menu, services for parents

  • Institutions & Citizen life

    Presentation of elected representatives, institutional news, management of polling stations, legal information

  • Non-profits

    Listings of local non-profits and coverage of their actions and events

  • Sanitary and Social Affairs

    Your territory shows solidarity: showcase your services and support programs related to families, maternities, disabled, elderlies, rehabilitation, etc.

Why use Publidata ?

  • Mutualize your information and get rid of multiple data entries
  • Start building a rich information base to improve your services and launch new projects
  • Make it easier for your users to access your information

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Take advantage of this project to get a collaborative and mutualized Information Management and Delivery Platform"

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Collaborate to manage all your information

Get end-to-end control over the value chain of your information: collection or creation, enrichment, edition, semantics, qualification and delivery.

  • Information Manager

    Collaborate to create, enrich, and link your information together: rights administration system, workflows, users history.

  • Audience Manager

    Define your target audiences and tailor your information based on: user profiles, geograhy, etc.

  • Delivery Manager

    Select when, where and how your information is delivered. Each information gets its own delivery scenario: on new or existing channels, for public services users or servants, on your ecosystem or your partners'.

Illu plateforme

Inform each inhabitant in real-time

Build a set of delivery channels for your information that match your target audience profiles and habits

Illu ecosystemes
  • Widgets

    Copy-paste a ready-to-use app that addresses a specific information need in any existing website or application.

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  • Websites & mobile applications

    Deploy ready-to-use websites and mobile applications in just a few clics.

  • SDK - Software Development Kit

    Design your own widgets, websites and mobile applications with the help of our ready-to-use modules from the SDK, your agencies and technical partners.

  • Websites, mobile applications & chatbot connectors

    Fule your projects with your information from Publidata: Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3, AskMona, etc.

  • Third-party platform connectors

    Send structured and qualified information to third-party platforms: GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, etc.


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